DWCCV Membership

Information on Joining

We warmly welcome all registered Democrats to become members of the Democratic Women’s Council of the Conejo Valley. (To check if you are a registered Democrat, or to register, click here: Register to Vote.) 

Memberships are on an annual basis and become due Jan 1.

A GENERAL MEMBERSHIP is $25/year. You will receive our monthly emails and announcements of our monthly brunches, and you will be proud to know you are a supporter of our yearly scholarship awards and our efforts on behalf of Democratic candidates!

A PREMIER MEMBERSHIP is $99/year. You will receive the same benefits as a General Member, PLUS you will receive a $5 discount on the monthly brunches and a personalized name badge!

New members are welcome to join based on a graduated fee schedule:

  • If you join during the first half of the year (Jan – Jun), the full amount is due.
  • If you join during the 3rd quarter (Jul – Sep), your annual dues for that first year are $13 for a General Membership and $50 for a Premier Membership.
  • If you join during the 4th quarter (Oct – Dec), the full amount is due, but your membership is paid in full through the end of the next calendar year.